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BrainTrain is a spaced-repetition flashcard application which makes memorizing easy and effective. With BrainTrain’s Spaced Repetition System (SRS) optimizing your flashcard revision intervals, you will be able to learn more in less time.

Who is it for:

  • Anyone who needs to memorise anything (e.g. Japanese vocabulary, the periodic table, the human anatomy). BrainTrain’s card system is content-agnostic and flexible. It accommodates all forms of learning you may require.

  • Anyone who needs to create flashcards for educational purposes. BrainTrain’s cards are grouped as lessons which can be easily imported and exported. These lessons are also saved in .csv files which you can edit in your favourite spreadsheet application (e.g. Excel).

Main features of BrainTrain:

  • You can manage flashcard lessons in BrainTrain’s management mode or alternatively do so in your preferred spreadsheet application.

  • You can attempt flashcard lessons in BrainTrain’s quiz mode which will track and manage your user-specific spaced-repetition data automatically.

To start using BrainTrain:
Follow the instructions in the User guide: Quick start section.

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